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Providing country-specific expert reports (Iran and the Kurds)

The Five Seas is a registered company in the UK which is specialised in country-specific expert reports. It covers other European countries as well as North America.
Company Number: SC662055.

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Dr Marouf Cabi

The Five Seas is managed by Dr Marouf Cabi.

He is an academic and researcher in the fields of Middle Eastern, Iranian, and Kurdish studies and has been teaching Middle Eastern history and its cultural and literary contexts for the last few years. As a native speaker of Kurdish (Sorani) and educated in Persian, he has been actively publishing and participating in conferences.

He has regularly provided expert reports since 2015. Reports rely on cutting-edge scholarship and follow reliable and effective methods. Reports will be well-researched and impartial, providing sufficient evidence for the benefits of all the parties involved in a specific case.

Marouf Cabi (UK qualifications: BA; MA; M.Litt.; PhD)
PhD in history, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Dr Marouf Cabi

Dr Marouf Cabi

Founder of The Five Seas

Highly qualified and with 3 decades of filed work experience,

The five Seas provides


Country-specific reports (Iran and the Kurds) prepared by highly qualified experts who are specialised in the history and the politics of the Middle East in general and Iran and the Kurds in particular.

Political situations

Reports on political situations in Iran and the Kurdish regions across Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. This includes reports on ethnic and religious minorities as well as social, cultural, and political issues concerning women.

Other issues

Reports on other issues such as religious minorities, e.g. the Sunnis, Failis and Baha’is, women, civil society movements, political parties, the human rights, gender, and so on.

Kurdish political parties

Reports on Kurdish political parties.

Translation services

Provides translation services in the Persian and Kurdish languages

Examples of

Country-Specific Reports

The membership of the Kurdish political parties in Iran

The membership of the Kurdish political parties in Iran


An expert report was prepared to explain the consequences of being a member of a specific political party in Iranian Kurdistan. The report explained the policies of the Iranian government regarding ‘illegal’ political activities of the Kurdish opposition, identifying many cases which had led to the detention, torture, and the execution of political activists.

The Baha’is in Iran

The Baha’is in Iran


An expert report was prepared to explain the religious suppression of the Baha’is in Iran. As an example of a report, rich in historical and cultural insights, it provided a brief background to the emergence and survival of the Baha’i faith in Iran. This was followed by ample evidence in support of the claim that the members of the faith were constantly persecuted by the regime of Iran which is based on the Shi‘i branch of Islam.

Social Media Activities

Social Media Activities

Social Media

A report on social media activities was prepared to address the following question:
‘The client is involved in various demonstrations against the Iranian regime as his view is that they are oppressive against Kurdish people and that Kurdish people are discriminated against. He has participated in demonstrations outside the Iranian embassy in London and also publishes post and photographs against the Iranian regime in order to raise awareness. We are considering whether he would be at risk on return to Iran as a result.’

Sympathisers of Kurdish or Iranian Political parties

Sympathisers of Kurdish or Iranian Political parties


This report addressed three questions regarding a specific Kurdish party’s political activities in general and the distribution of leaflets by its sympathisers or members in particular.

Nationality Assessment

Nationality Assessment


Nationality assessment or language analysis is carried out professionally.

Feedback from the Judges on an assessment stated that, We cannot therefore overlook the fact that Dr Cabi’s methodology appears to be impressively robust, and his conclusion unequivocal.

Kolbaring In Iranian Kurdistan



Recent publications:

An Overview od The Phenomenon of Kolbaring In Iranian Kurdistan In 2020:

Economic, Historical, and Political Reasons

Political and economic issues

Political and economic issues


This report on a specific case, in which an asylum seeker had claimed that s/he was involved in political activities but also carried out ‘illegal’ economic activities (cross-border trade).

Providing country-specific expert reports
(Iran and the Kurds)


More info

Information on fees and the time within which a report is prepared will be provided upon request. Please enquire by sending an email, containing a brief explanation of the case in question.

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